You have everything you need to have the birth that you want.


I'm a mom who lives a simple life and has a passion for making birth a great experience for moms, babies, and families. I've done the research, I've done the work, I've had the birth and now I want to share with as many moms as I can that birth doesn't have to be dramatic or traumatic. Let's talk today about making your experience exhilarating!


What I Do

I empower busy  moms to achieve an exhilarating birth experience by teaching them about mindset. 

I help them become more confident in their ability to give birth.

No classes every week, no rearranging schedules, no finding a babysitter. We work together and...

I do this through the online space!

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Who I Help

  • Busy 2nd, 3rd, or 4th! time moms
  • Moms who work a 9-5
  • Moms whose partner works long hours
  • First time moms wanting the BEST experience
  • Any mom who wants to change the way she gives birth


People are busy. Schedules vary a lot. Moms have an idea of what kind of help they want when it comes to childbirth education, but the options out there don't suit their lifestyle. I wanted to help those that want to improve their birth experience by offering them an easy way that gets down to the core of how to achieve their exhilarating birth experience.

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"We are the only species that can doubt its capacity to give birth. Think about that." -Ina May Gaskin