Don't Hold Back Your Daughters

Don't hold back your daughter. Because great things might happen!

Don't Hold Back Your Daughters


So I think we have this thing called parenting all wrong?? Adults are so into making sure we teach our kids the right things to say, the right way to do something, and how to behave and act, I think we've missed the whole boat. Like it has sailed...far, far away....

I was young when I had my daughter. I was 21. I had a lot to learn. I was still green on so many things in life. But God knew what he was doing. He granted me the best gift I ever could have asked for at that point. He gave me my first child. A girl. This girl also happens to be the reason I have went on this path in life.

As she has gotten older, her personality has blossomed. I have loved watching her develop and become her own independent, mighty, and fierce person that she is. She is so INSPIRING! I've always thought of her as a free spirit and my flower child.

My daughter is strong, caring, and smart.

She loves being her own person. She does not follow the leader. She is the leader. She will let the outside world get inside her head sometimes, but she conquers it and steps out FEARLESS.

Like, how awesome is she? If only, I could be as awesome as that. Kids are so amazing. They are who they are and that's how it is. Until, society takes it away and conforms them into something they "should be". But it's our jobs as moms and dads to not let that happen, we can't hold our daughters back. GIRL POWER people!

My daughter showcased her individuality and awesomeness the other night. She stood on stage as a KINDERGARTENER, as the first performer, in her school lip sync. She went up there, owned it, shocked her dad and I, was so animate and knew that song like the back of her hand (which was Sweet Child O Mine, by the way). She won first place in the kindergarten class! I'm still beaming with pride and I truly feel like there is something special about her.

If you want to watch the video. check it out here:

So there she is, up there owning it, without a fear. I want to be just like her! How cool is that?

I'm so thankful that God gave me her. She has taught me a lot about life and love and she is a wonderful role model to her younger brothers. She loves them and I know will she will show them how to be their own individual self.

The girl that I gave life to has given me a whole new life.

Don't Hold Back Your Daughters

So today, if you're letting something hold you back, if you are holding onto a fear, think of her. Go out and try something new! Be somebody you have always wanted to be and quit letting the world tell you who you are. I want to hear your own stories. Does your child inspire you? In what ways? Let me know in the comments.

Let your talents and skills sparkle and shine! You are worthy of everything that you have ever wanted! Be you!