Doing Birth Affirmations the Right Way

I have some exciting news for those of you that are interested and/or researching natural birth! There are so many things that you can do and have that can help keep you prepared. Birth affirmations are probably the easiest!

When I started learning about natural birth, when I started reading affirmations, I quickly fell in love with how awesome they are and how they can give you such a confidence boost in labor and/or before when you are preparing for the big day.

What’s the point of an affirmation? It’s a concrete, simple reminder that can be easily remembered. You can keep this hidden in your mind and repeat them to yourself when you’re at the peak of a contraction, things have slowed down, or you’re getting tired when it’s that time to deliver your baby.

Not only does it stick in your mind, you can even get cards of them printed so that you can have the pleasant and comforting reminder right in front of you. There’s a lot of them found all over the internet. This kind of labor support is easy to find and affordable.


So what do you do with them?

1.       Keep them in a safe, easy to access place. Do this so that you can have them in a quick moment and it’s available to you at all times. The best thing to do with affirmations is to see recite them daily while you are preparing for your birth. Look at them, repeat them, and remember them! You will be glad you did later.

2.       Use them for all life situations. The fun thing about the birth affirmations is that some of them can be used throughout all aspects of your life. Feeling stressed? Whip out an affirmation that can help you maintain your focus and relaxation. It totally never hurts to learn how to relax and remain calm especially when stress is your middle name. Using positive reinforcement for yourself can reassure you and keep you going.

3.       Use them throughout all stages of your labor and delivery. They have a place in each stage. Are you having a drawn out early stage? Is it making you feel discouraged? A birth affirmation may be just the ticket to help you through it and give you the strength and encouragement to keep looking forward. What about transition? That point when you’re feeling DONE? A birth affirmation can be the pat on the back that says “You’ve got this! You can do it. Keep going.”

4.       Have your spouse/partner learn/recite them. If your husband is reading and memorizing these, he can be a solid support partner during labor. He can also be whispering these in your ear when you’re feeling tired or even before that, you can be practicing labor positions and reciting these to each other.


It is my hope that you can find some use out of the birth affirmations.  Birth affirmations are a keystone in achieving the natural birth that you want. They are helpful in priming your mind and preparing your partner for the adventure ahead!