3 Truths of a Mother's Hips


So the world tells you that you should get back to pre-baby weight. You should get back into those jeans. What the world doesn't know....is that a mom's hips don't lie! I'm kind of throwing back to that Shakira song...which I love! Anyway, You know what my favorite kind of days are? The days where I can throw on a comfy pair of pants and a t-shirt and call it good. THOSE ARE THE BEST DAYS!

Three babies in folks and those hips are just a little wider than they ever have been. Jeans--a little snug. Shorts--too tight. Dresses--comfy & convenient. Leggings or any kind of loose fitting pants--perfection!

It has taken a good six years and three children for me to come to terms with the fact that my body has changed and will change. The thing that has helped me "deal" with this is the fact that I appreciate WHY my body has changed.

Baby Maker!

Pregnancy and birth are astonishing things! I've delivered three healthy children and my biggest baby, I delivered completely natural and it was by far, my easiest labor & delivery!

But....there's one thing I have noticed since having him...those hips! Fourteen months in and they just haven't returned to their place in space. They are wider and you know, have a little extra padding!

A Mom's Hips Don't Lie: 3 Truths They Have Told


My pants still fit but dang they are just a little tight. Tight enough that when I come home, they are coming straight OFF. I can't even handle that snugness. I like to be loosey goosey in that region. Yes, I'll complain about it to my hubby. He just smiles and nods. But he told me a couple of weeks ago.."It's ok! You've had three babies! Things are gonna be different." And he STILL LOVES ME!

So here I am, sharing with you, I've come...I'm coming to terms with it. I'm learning to appreciate the fact that I have a little overflow on top and that overflow just provides the perfect amount of padding for my little baby's butt. Because you know he always wants to be on mommy's hip when I'm around! Those days are fleeting and that makes me SAD!

Three babies have beautifully and wonderfully passed through those hips on their way into my world. My body has grown and changed for them. I can appreciate the fact that I have earned a little bit of a booty because up until now, I have NEVER HAD ONE!

Nevertheless, here it is:

3 Truths of a mother's hips

(As Written By "Those Hips")

  1. I have been your main housing that helped you carry a child until they were ready to enter the world. I've enclosed the organs that you were born with that have matured with you. These organs that I cradle are the most precious organs that you have. My bone structures have kept them safe all for you to grow and nourish a child.
  2. I have molded. I have moved. All to help you give BIRTH to a child. I have been the infrastructure your uterus needed for support in order to contract and relax so that your baby could come into the world. I have given your body stability as you have pushed.
  3. But, these aren't the only things that I have done! Once your baby is here, he grows and changes and soon enough your newborn you're cradling has become a toddler that loves to be on his mommy's side. I am the perfect resting place for his butt. I am the perfect home for that baby bum!

In essence, do not believe any of what the "world" is telling you. Our story of our journey into motherhood is an important one. Every extra inch that I have grown has been worth every second (and then some) that you have with your baby. I am your friend, not your foe.

Furthermore, I don't tell lies of ugliness or imperfection. I don't tell lies of "you're not good enough" or "you're not skinny enough". I only tell you truths, Mom. I tell your truths of your birth, your motherhood, and your love. Now, I think that makes it all worth it! Certainly, a mother should never be shamed for how her body has changed since having a child. Indeed, it is the world that is lying!

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