The Evolution of C-Sections

The Evolution of C-Sections Haven Baby Co.

Evolution of C-sections...information every modern day mom should know!

The origin of the name

Have you ever wondered where the name Cesarean section has come from? Most of us know it as "C-section". I've looked a little deeper because I am interested in the history of this surgery and know other moms probably are too!

You've heard of Julius Caesar right?
The Evolution of C-Sections: Haven Baby Co. What does a c-section and Julius Caesar have in common?

Would you know that this way of birth was named after him? YES! There is some thought that his mother gave birth to him this way.

Although, the story has changed throughout history.

In the 16th century, for the most part, this type of surgery was only done on deceased women. Hence, why they are actually unsure if Caesar was born this way, because his mother lived to see him invade Britain. The rest of the information regarding C-section during this time is something that I'd rather not get to in depth with so we will fast forward.

The Evolution of C-Sections

In 1970, the C-section rate was 5%. By 1988, it had peaked at 24.5%. It has decreased slightly into 1990 as more women were attempting vaginal births and some of these were probably VBACs! Today, the C-section rate is at an all-time high of 33%. (U.S. Library of Medicine)

I think it's important as a society that we sit down and look at these numbers and really TALK about why it has gotten so high. Some may argue that it's because our mothers are unable to deliver vaginally because of issues like cephalopelvic disproportion or failure to progress. Alas, while this may be the case for a small amount of women, I feel like it's not the case for 33% of them.

I respect any mother who has had a C-section. It's a tough, rigorous thing to go through. Hello, it's major abdominal surgery! I'm concerned about this rate for the babies. A C-section birth is quite different from a vaginal birth. Respiratory problems can occur and anesthesia can affect the breastfeeding relationship. These are just a couple of things we know of.

When there is need for a C-section, by all means, we should be doing it. I think it is really important that we get away from "scheduling" our baby's birthday and scheduling surgery because it is convenient. The healthcare system in this country also needs to recognize the high cost of C-sections and the reoccurring costs with the child due to the C-section. We also need to be letting our moms labor and attempt vaginal delivery after cesarean. More hospitals need to recognize this as a safe practice. In fact, it is safer than a repeat C-section.

It's important to note as well that labor induction and fetal heart monitoring is an adjunct to why the C-section rate is rising. Again, let's get back to having our babies when they are ready, on their own time!

If you're expecting or have previously had a child via C-section, do some research! Learn about this surgery! It is not risk-free. A vaginal birth is a normal biological process that all mothers are capable of doing. Animals give birth in nature every. single. day. without complications and interventions. We can too!

Please share your story with me below!