Motherhood: A Balancing Act

I've taken quite the journey as a mother. Recently, I have started to try and improve the quality of life for my kids. You know, instead of white bread I buy the whole grain white, LOL! And you could also say I'm a free range parent. My husband and I kind of let our kids learn and explore a lot on their own. But truly, motherhood is a balance act and I try to make the best choices for my family. I started A Baby's Haven so mothers could have access to some all-natural products that are handmade and locally made! I feel like because I did this people think I'm "one of those moms".

Let me reassure you! Here's a video on my stance on that!


Ok, so there you have it. None of us are perfect and that's what makes our journey as mothers so wonderful. I try to make wise, useful, and smart choices for all of my kids. Of course, I pick my battles! Sometimes, there are just some things not worth losing sleep over. (I lose enough of that already!)

Share with me below how you make smart choices in your child's life to make a small difference for them. Leave a comment!