2 Reasons You Don't Need Childbirth Education

I've heard it all. Reasons that people don't "need" childbirth classes or education. Just a few...

"I know how to have a baby, all women do."

"There's nothing that you need to learn about giving birth. You just know how to do it."

I won't lie. Whenever I hear someone make these comments, I cringe. 

But that also has me thinking...yes, all women have the natural ability to grow and give birth to a baby. So why do we need childbirth education? And why do there seem to be so many complications with birth these days?

Good questions, right? I'm going to let you in on a little secret...

Our nation, sadly, has stripped away its faith in letting a pregnant woman labor and birth on her own. This has happened because the medical model of care treats birth as a "condition" or something that needs to be treated. Alas, there surely can be complications that arise BUT for the most part, healthy women are completely capable of laboring and birthing.

This is why an expecting moms needs childbirth education. She needs reassurance that she can and will have a great birth. She needs support on whatever decisions she chooses to make regarding the birth of her child. She needs information that will allow her to make her own informed, competent decisions. When one is equipped with the knowledge, amazing things happen. You start putting those puzzle pieces together, gathering more information, changing your lifestyle and preparing for the birth of your baby the best way you know how. 

Childbirth education is an investment. The knowledge that you will gain from it is priceless. The people you may come to know because of it will become a great support system! 

When a woman becomes empowered, the whole game changes! We can rise up and start changing the way birth is done in this country. We can start improving the health of women and their babies just by educating ourselves. Why wouldn't you want to take a childbirth education class?